How Turkish president Erdogan rebuffs his political adversaries

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For a half year, Nursena, 21, has been battling the lack of interest of the Turkish organization, wanting to discover what befell her dad. Hüseyin Galip Küçüközyigit, 49, who was a consultant to the leader, vanished on the evening of the bombed military overthrow on July 15, 2016, to bring down traditionalist Islamic president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The upset endeavor was credited to the minister Fethullah Gülend and to his men, of which, according to the Turkish specialists, Hüseyin Galip Küçüközyigit was a section. Through her PC screen, Nursena apologizes, yet she would not like to say whatever would think twice about father significantly more. We think about him that she didn’t partake straightforwardly in the putsch.

Released from his obligations, Hüseyin Galip Küçüközyigit went through a half year in confinement prior to being condemned, in the late spring of 2019, to six years and three months in jail. Forthcoming the new judgment on offer, he was delivered. Nonetheless, he vanished on December 29, 2020, as he was going to leave Ankara, where he lived, to visit his little girl in Istanbul. “He disclosed to me that he would pass by around 8 pm, yet he never showed up — reviews Nursena. The last time individuals saw him was the point at which he left his office in Kizilay, in focal Ankara, around 5.10 pm. Not even his vehicle has at any point been found”.

From that point forward, the clinical understudy has conflicted with the state organizations: “To legitimize their inaction, they guarantee that my dad fled.” therefore, many individuals associated with being Gülen’s adherents crossed the Evros River to discover asylum in Greece. However, Nursena doesn’t accept that he, her dad, has escaped: “As a matter of first importance, they persuaded him that the court of allure would have disavowed his sentence. Furthermore, regardless of whether he figured the decision would be maintained, the preliminary would require something like three or four years. Furthermore, in the event that he had proposed to get away, he would not have said that he would come to see me. Thus, he would not have left me without news.” She adds that her dad was abducted, and Turkish specialists are attempting to prevent her from researching.

The establishment stage, established in Brussels by representatives, casualties of the cleanses, states in an articulation dated January 8, 2021, that Hüseyin Galip Küçüközyigit “was presumably grabbed by government specialists and exposed to torment,” alongside thirty others who have additionally vanished. “The plan is consistently something similar,” clarifies the head of the organization, Hüseyin Konus. Individuals, who introduce themselves as specialists of the mysterious administrations, MIT, thump on the casualty’s home without trying to hide, who is removed forcibly in a dark van.

It is obscure where they take her, yet she has been tormented for quite a long time. Some return as though by wonder in a police station”.eport dated April 29, 2020, the NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) records 24 instances of supposed vanishings and explored sixteen. Among these is the situation of Gökhan Türkmen, who, during his preliminary, on February 10, 2020, said he was grabbed by state specialists in Antalya on February 7, 2019, and was moved to a police headquarters on February 6, 2019. November 2019 and imprisoned.

Türkmen calls attention to HRW, who deciphered the testimonies, said he was bolted “in a phone for 271 days, cuffed, blindfolded, his feet tied, and tormented, denied of food, water, and rest.” These kidnappings go unseen in the Turkish press. “Past the potential wrongdoings carried out by these individuals, Turkey should stop these monstrous basic liberties infringement,” said Emma Sinclair-Webb, a representative for HRW in Turkey. For instance, Erhan Dogan, overseer of a school in Ankara connected to the Gülenist development, was captured ten days after the bombed overthrow: “The casually dressed officials who came to capture me beat me for two, three hours, on the appearance of making me spit the names of certain associates, which I couldn’t give,” he clarifies. Dogan was confined for the time being in the school, and at daybreak, took him to the Ankara against psychological oppression directorate.

“Two gatekeepers wasted my time holding me by the hair — he says — . They revealed to me I wouldn’t leave alive.” Then they took him to a rec center where there were at that point 100 individuals, wearing an orange uniform like his, arranged along a divider. They made him stoop with his face against a divider, his hands bound behind his back: “There were hints of blood all over the place — he says — . Later I discovered that it was there that they had tormented the military after the overthrow.” He is stripped and beaten with implement around evening time: “they needed me to recognize that I was a psychological oppressor and to name ten individuals. One day they draped me from the roof with a rope attached to my wrists so my feet wouldn’t contact the ground. They hit me”. A specialist took steps to assault his better half and his girl.

One day he was prosecuted and imprisoned. The detainment conditions were unfeeling: “The residence was set up for fourteen individuals, however, there were 55 of us, with only one restroom and a shower. There was cold water for just a few hours every week. For seven or eight months, I rested on the floor”. He was condemned to seven and a half years in jail, yet on January 30, 2018, he was allowed probation on offer. Soon after that, he escaped to Germany with his family by means of Greece.

Instances of police torment in Turkey have expanded from that point forward. A culture of exemption is spreading among the police,” clarifies Emma Sinclair-Webb. The brutality influences the supposed Gülenists as well as Kurdish activists. Like Kadir Aktar, 17, captured in July 2020 on the edges of Istanbul, uninvolved of a giving where a cop had passed on, however in which Kadir had not straightforwardly partaken. Delivered on February 16, 2021, the youngster was captured again two days after the fact and discovered dead in his cell, hanged. Authoritatively, it is self-destruction. Emma Sinclair-Webb additionally causes to notice the retaliatory measures endured by a couple of individuals who set out to report instances of vanishing or torment.

Tülay Açikkollu is one of them. For quite a long time the instructor examined to discover what befell her better half, who kicked the bucket in jail the evening of August 4, 2016. Gökhan Açikkollu, 42, a set of experienced educators at a secondary school in Istanbul, kicked the bucket thirteen days subsequent to being captured on the base. Of a grievance. The dissection report, done by the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (Tihv), Sebnem Korea Finance, affirmed his passing from a coronary episode brought about by the torment he endured. Wounds, head and leg wounds, broken ribs are depicted. At the point when she recorded a homicide objection with the Istanbul examiner’s office on February 24, 2017, Tülay was confined by the police. “They requested that I name my better half’s companions. They revealed to me they would place me in jail, then, at that point they delivered me”.

On February 7, 2018, Gökhan Açikkollu, terminated instantly before his capture, was post mortem restored in the common assistance. “Evidence that my significant other was honest.” Tülay, in this way, reached the media in order to wash off her better half’s honor. In any case, a favorable to government writer named her, expressing that her child had concentrated in a school of the Gülen development. “After four days, a court arraignment asserted seven to fifteen years in jail against me. That day, I understood that I could not, at this point live in Turkey.” Today, Tülay lives with his two kids in a European country.



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