Israel crushes another Palestinian home and takes more land

Israeli occupation powers annihilated one more Palestinian home and seized plots of rural land in the involved West Bank on Wednesday, Safa news office has detailed.

Nearby sources said that the Israelis obliterated the house having a place with Mohammed Awwad close to the Separation Wall in the town of Deir Salah, east of Bethlehem. The destruction was completed under the appearance that the house had been worked without a permit. Applications for Palestinians to assemble or broaden their homes are seldom endorsed by occupation specialists.

In the meantime, the Israelis utilized tractors to annihilate Palestinian-claimed farmland prior to taking it. The occupation specialists asserted that it is “state land”.

As indicated by the facilitator of the Protection and Resilience Committee in the South Hebron Hills, the Israelis additionally destroyed a tent claimed by Mahmoud Badawi in Jorat Al-Kammoun in the town of Bireen toward the south of Hebron. Simultaneously, Palestinians obliterated a room worked by unlawful Jewish pioneers on private Palestinian land close to the unlawful Israeli settlement of Karmi Tsour north of the city.




Passion led us here

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Hira Menon

Hira Menon

Passion led us here

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