Keep your eyes on Palestine

Hira Menon
3 min readMar 1, 2022

This will be my last MEMO section for a couple of months. I’m getting some much-needed rest to zero in on completing a drawn-out project which I’ve been dealing with. In the event that that sounds a piece baffling, dread not: subtleties will be uncovered when I get back from my break.

Considering that, I am attempting to look forward. The heightening of the long-running conflict in Ukraine last week implies it is a seriously terrifying time on the planet, at large.

With even liberal western media boldly attempting to persuade us that (in contrast to Ukrainians) Palestinians, Iraqis, Syrians, and others are essential for the “savage” non-European world, it is significant now, like never before, to keep your eyes on Palestine.

Israel’s occupation courts framework reported last week that it was delaying — or “freezing” — the expulsion of the Salem family from the eastern segment of involved Jerusalem.

Albeit the family has resided in their home in the Sheik Jarrah neighborhood for a really long time, they are Palestinians, not Jewish, and Israel is a Jewish supremacist politically-sanctioned racial segregation state.

As the State unlawfully involved Palestine, Israel asserts the option to remove the native individuals forcibly, for the wrongdoing of not being Jewish.

The Salem family was persuasively ousted by Zionist local armies during the Nakba, the 1948 ethnic purifying effort which empowered the underpinning of Israel — upon the mass graves of Palestinians.

Exactly 800,000 Palestinians were removed by the civilian armies, which then, at that point, proceeded to shape the premise of the new Israeli armed force. Today, a huge number of Palestinians actually live as exiles, restricted from getting back to their homes in memorable Palestine (present-day Israel, as well as the involved Gaza Strip and West Bank, including East Jerusalem) simply in light of the fact that they are not Jewish.

Radical Israeli pilgrims as of late camped out in Sheik Jarrah, assaulting the Palestinian inhabitants and requesting their quick expulsion from their homes, with the goal that Jewish fanatics can move in and have their spot.

In any case, the Israeli military completely backs the pioneers. The State is the pioneers and the pilgrims are the State. The fanatics are Israel and Israel is radicalism. As at long last perceived in February by Amnesty International, Israel is a politically-sanctioned racial segregation express, a state which needs to drive out the native individuals and supplant them with pioneers.

However, it can’t continuously get what it needs. The conflict in Gaza last year — and the furnished Palestinian gatherings’ protection from it — showed that. Hamas, and the other Palestinian warriors, set up solid opposition and forced new real factors on Israel.

Furthermore to that end, Israel has needed to defer their bigoted ousting of the Salem family from Sheik Jarrah.

Review that the May 2021 Israeli conflict in Gaza really began in Jerusalem. Interestingly, Palestinian opposition bunches in Gaza had the option to strike back with regards to their kin in Jerusalem.

In light of State-supported crowds of “Death to the Arabs” pioneers meandering the city, assaulting Palestinians in April-May, and because of the then inescapable removal of other Palestinian families from Sheik Jarrah, Palestinian rockets from Gaza started assaulting Israeli focuses in Jerusalem and to the extent that Tel Aviv.

The circumstance of the Salem family’s arranged removal in March supposedly stressed Israeli police, as it would have occurred presently before the beginning of Ramadan, conjuring the possibility of a rehash of last year’s showdowns with the Palestinian opposition.

Israel’s conflict last year was sent off toward the finish of Ramadan.

So with the media’s consideration presently turned more towards Ukraine and Russia, is it conceivable or possible that Israel will “thaw” its removals of the Salem family from Jerusalem? We can strongly expect not. In any case, one thing is without a doubt: it is essential to keep your eyes on Palestine.



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