Lebanon gets first Ukrainian grain shipment under Istanbul bargain

Hira Menon
2 min readSep 27, 2022

Lebanon’s most memorable grain shipment from Ukraine under the Istanbul grain send-out bargain showed up in the port of Tripoli yesterday, the Anadolu news organization revealed.

Ukrainian Envoy Ihor Ostosh said, during the gathering held to get the boat, that Kyiv tries to forestall a food emergency in spite of the adverse consequence of the Russian intrusion.

“Regardless of the multitude of hardships, Ukraine figured out how to send out a sum of 3.3 million tons of farming items from the ports of Odessa and Ukrainian ports on the Danube last August.”

Approximately 325,000 tons of wheat were imported by Lebanon in the initial seven months of this current year, he added, taking note that 210,000 tons of grain were from Ukraine.

The Ukrainian authority added that after the concurrence with the Unified Countries and Turkiye, 220 boats had shown up at Odessa Port to move a sum of 500 million tons of grain, for the most part to the Center East and Africa.

In July, Turkiye, the UN, Russia, and Ukraine marked an arrangement to continue grain sends out from three Ukrainian Dark Ocean ports after they were stopped when the Russia-Ukraine war started in February.

A Joint Coordination Place with authorities from the three nations and the UN was set up in Istanbul to manage the shipments.



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