Meeting among Egyptian and Saudi Officials: Egypt and Saudi Arabia reject meddling in Arab undertakings

Hira Menon
2 min readDec 20, 2021

Egypt and Saudi Arabia condemned endeavors by unknown “provincial entertainers” to meddle in Arab issues on Thursday, vowing to battle threats to transportation in the Red Sea’s southern scopes.

The assertion discusses local gatherings using ethnic and partisan instruments, psychological militant gatherings, and “expansionist desires” to meddle in the inner issues of Arab countries, with not-so-subtle references to non-Arab powers like Iran and Turkey.

The gathering in Cairo between Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and his Saudi partner Prince Faisal container Farhan featured the two nations’ nearby associations when the district is managing international worries arising out of areas of interest like Yemen, Libya, and Syria.

The assertion’s notice of the security of boats in the southern Red Sea, just as Egypt’s help for Saudi Arabia despite “hostility,” were plain regarding Yemen, where the Iranian-supported Houthi rebels have been battling the universally perceived government beginning around 2014.

The Houthis have been dispatching rockets and robot assaults on Saudi Arabia, bringing broad global analysis. “The Egyptian side stressed its dismissal of activity against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s and the Gulf Arab area’s security, which is an indispensable part of Egypt’s public safety,” as per the assertion.

The presentation additionally accentuated the significance of safeguarding Libya’s solidarity and dependability, focusing on that the nation’s official and parliamentary races should go spot this month. They additionally requested that every single unfamiliar power and hired soldiers leave Libya. Saudi Arabia’s help for Egypt in its contention with Ethiopia over a Nile dam was additionally noted in the assertion.

The assertion proceeded to say that Saudi Arabia completely upheld Egypt’s “water security” and the decision of a lawfully official settlement on the filling and activity of the gigantic hydroelectric dam Ethiopia is expanding on the Nile as quickly as time permits. It proceeded to say that such an arrangement would “keep off the harm brought about by this venture on downstream states [Egypt and Sudan] and reinforce co-activity among them and Ethiopia.”

Egypt, the Arab world’s most crowded country with just about 100 million occupants, guarantees the undertaking will restrict its portion of Nile water, on which it depends for virtually all of its freshwater needs. Ethiopia keeps up with that Cairo doesn’t have anything to be worried about, however won’t go into a legitimately official understanding.



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