PA prevents the lawyer and father of the Palestinian prisoner from visiting him for a second time

Palestinian Authority (PA)’s security services yesterday prevented the lawyer and father of Palestinian political prisoner Musab Shtayyeh from visiting him in prison for the second time.

Lawyer Mustafa Shatat said: “The PA security services prevented me from visiting Musab Shtayyeh. His father was also prevented from visiting him.”

He stated that preventing the visit by the lawyer and the prisoner’s father “is a violation of all international laws and human rights conventions.”

Shatat called for all the sides related to the issue and the leaders of the PA security services to allow the lawyer and family to visit the political prisoner “in order to observe his critical health conditions.”

The family of the political prisoner said that “he is suffering from serious health conditions that deteriorated due to the hunger strike he started in protest against his detention.”

Musab was detained in Nablus two weeks ago, triggering wide-scale protests against the PA security services and the security cooperation between the PA and the Israeli occupation.

Shtayyeh has previously been arrested three times and spent four years in the occupation’s prisons. The occupation forces listed him among those wanted by them since June 2021 and raided his family home in the town of Salem, east of Nablus, several times in an effort to arrest him.

The PA security set up an ambush for him in the city of Nablus two weeks ago and kidnapped him, claiming that he was not detained on political grounds.



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