Palestinian in Israeli jail suspends hunger strike following 113 days

Hira Menon
1 min readJul 29, 2022

Raed Rayan, a Palestinian detainee in an Israeli jail, suspended his yearning strike on Thursday following 113 days, Anadolu News Agency reports.

Hassan Abd Rabbo, a representative for the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority, said Rayan suspended his yearning strike after intercession by the detainee development’s chiefs as well as legitimate endeavors of the Prisoners’ Affairs Authority.

He said that few detainees’ delegates “participated in exchanges with the Israeli Prison Authority, which finished with Rayan suspending his strike.”

Officially kept since last November, Rayan had been on hunger strike throughout the previous 113 days, requesting a finish to his managerial confinement and a period limit for his delivery.

In the meantime, Khalil Awawdeh, another prisoner, proceeded with his yearning strike which began 26 days prior, days subsequent to suspending a past strike that endured 111 days.

As per an assertion by the Al-Assir Club on Thursday, “the occupation powers reneged on their commitment and gave another managerial detainment request against Awawdeh for a long time.”

Managerial confinement is a tactical strategy to detain individuals without a preliminary for a time of as long as a half year, dependent upon expansion.



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