Pope to visit Bahrain for a meeting in November, Vatican says

Pope Francis will visit transcendently Muslim Bahrain from 3–6 November to go to a worldwide meeting, the Vatican declared on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

The Vatican said the Pope would visit the Bay island country off the Middle Eastern Landmass to participate in the Bahrain Discussion for Discourse: East and West for Human Conjunction.

In 2019, Francis visited Abu Dhabi in the Unified Middle Easterner Emirates, the principal Pontiff visited the Bedouin Landmass and say a Mass there.

Bahrain is around 70% Muslim and, in contrast to Saudi Arabia, permits the little Christian people group — made up for the most part of unfamiliar laborers — to rehearse their confidence freely in the two places of worship there.

Vatican authorities originally declared the excursion to Bahrain on the trip back from the Pope’s outing to Kazakhstan recently yet didn’t give the dates.

Wednesday’s declaration gave no subtleties of the program.



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