Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Are Going To Develop Dorra Gas Field Despite Iran’s Objections

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2 min readApr 15, 2022


In spite of Iranian protests, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will foster a contested gas field, while requesting that Tehran participate in limited dealings. Nonetheless, the two countries additionally stretched out another solicitation to Iran to talk over the gas field’s limit, which has been the subject of a decades-in length question.

According to the AFP, the Gulf partners will adhere to their consent to develop the Arash/Dorra waterfront gas field, which Iran has called “illicit.”

“Saudi Arabia and Kuwait affirm their entitlement to involve normal assets around here,” it expressed, noticing that “they will keep on attempting to authorize what was settled upon.”

On March 30, Tehran cautioned the understanding “disregarded recently held arrangements,” and it “claims its authority to take advantage of.”

When did this contention begin?

The contention emerges as energy costs stay high in the outcome of Russia’s assault on Ukraine. The disagreement regarding the field arose during the 1960s, after Iran and Kuwait offered beachfront concessions to the old Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, the organizer of BP, and Royal Dutch Shell, separately.

In the north piece of the field, where recoverable stores are accepted to be around 220 billion cubic meters (7 trillion cubic feet), the two agreements are covered. For a long time, Iran and Kuwait have endeavored to determine their oceanic boundary disagreement about a flammable gas-rich area, yet their endeavors have been to no end.

The unearthing of the field by Iran in 2001 incited Kuwait with Saudi Arabia to consent to an oceanic boundary arrangement in which they consented to use the seaward zone’s normal assets agreeably. In March, Kuwait assessed the field would create 1 billion cubic feet of petroleum gas a day and 84,000 barrels of condensate each day.

The Statement

“As a solitary arranging party, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and furthermore the State of Kuwait emphasize their proposal to the Islamic Republic of Iran to direct these discussions,” the assertion referenced.



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