“The Mystery Over Hezbollah’s Intention is Sparking Confrontation”

I need to share something fascinating with regard to what I read today. It’s the way while the Lebanese are examining Samir Geagea as the pioneer who offended Hezbollah, reality might be significantly more complicated than that. Checking out the abrupt talk, Marcel Ghanem told Geagea that Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah offered the Lebanese Forces president pervasiveness on a silver plate, which Geagea right away excused.

As should be obvious, people around the country raised pictures of Geagea as the pioneer who could stay against Hezbollah, it isn’t him unequivocally who stayed against the get-together. Not just that, Prior to him, typical people in Khalde and Showaya stood firm. The unforeseen showdown in Tayouneh happened basically because people were worn out on Hezbollah’s exhibit of power.