The Transparency Is Needed for the Rohingya Case

I want to share the realization I had with my reading about the Rohingya case. Around the civil action taken by the Gambia, there were negative and dismissive noises: that it was an attempt aimed at gaining attention above all else, and that the action would not be followed to its final end. Critics pointed out that Abubacarr Tambadou, the Gambian minister who launched the action at the ICJ, had recently resigned from his job in the government of the Gambia in order to take up a post with the UN.

Those fears have been laid to rest with this new submission. The work of the Government of the Gambia on the Rohingya genocide case continues unabated and even at this early point, the amount of information presented to the court shows that it is serious to follow this action to its end. Without any shadow of a doubt, the Gambia is a true hero of human rights in this story.