TunisiaTunisiaTunisia: next parliament will be distorted, claims politician

The head of the National Salvation Front in Tunisia, Ahmed Najib Chebbi, said on Sunday that the next parliament in the country will be “distorted” and only include supporters of President Kais Saied.

“Tunisia is experiencing a dangerous phase triggered by a political will that is trying to exclude all other political and civil actors,” added Chebbi. He noted that Saied has rejected dialogue and any reform initiative.

The Front quoted Chebbi’s comments on its Facebook page. “The solution for the crises gripping Tunisia is primarily political. I call for a salvation government formed through an inclusive national dialogue.”

The president’s programme, said Chebbi, has become well-defined. “There is exclusivity in the decision-making process, which will further exacerbate Tunisia’s economic and social crises. Saeed is persistent in his programme after the election. It is a programme to establish institutions under his absolute authority while he is unable to implement reforms that solve Tunisia’s accumulated problems.”

He emphasised that Saied “has destroyed constitutional institutions, held a referendum and drafted a constitution according to his interests for tightening his grip on the state.”

Despite its frailty before Saied’s “coup” in July last year, added Chebbi, “The country’s situation has not been as badly hit by crises as it is experiencing today.”



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